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Summer Yoga & Wellness Day Retreat 

with Natasha Gerolimatos



 Sunday 11th June  -  10am-5pm 

Cost: £95 per person

Join me for a nourishing day of deep self-care that will both uplift & ground you. Imagine a day to yourself to completely relax & unwind, to stimulate all of your senses and nourish your body, mind & soul. I have carefully planned this day to include a number of practices, including 2 yoga sessions, meditation, guided journaling, breathwork, well-being workshop, a mindful countryside walk and more! We have the most gorgeous countryside venue for this day, offering us the opportunity to fully connect with nature as we embrace the transition to the fiery energy of summer. We have the wonderful Polly Nostimo’s little greek food truck catering the food, offering us a delicious mediterranean lunch bursting with goodness & flavour. 




Pre-booking is essential. Spaces are limited, so don’t delay booking if you’d like to join us.

Please contact to book your space. 


Natasha Gerolimatos

Born & raised in Vancouver, Canada, I have been living in Devon since 2014 and I am passionate about sharing my love of yoga! I have been teaching yoga for the past 10 years and I have also worked as a therapist for many years. I've combined the teachings of yoga along with my education & experience in psychology in order to create bespoke wellness events that nourish the body, mind & soul. I believe that the practice of yoga is life-changing and it offers each of us the tools to live a happy, healthy & more mindful life. My husband owns Polly Nostimo's little greek food truck, and we are passionate about combining our love of yoga, greek food & community, through offering day retreats and yoga lunches at various locations around Devon. I believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, and my aim is to create a safe, supportive & nurturing space for students to come together to explore, connect, heal & grow. My style of teaching is trauma-informed, and all levels of experience (including beginners) are most welcome. I encourage all students to honour their bodies, with the primary focus on using the breath as a tool to stay present and to create space in the body and mind. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions, I look forward to sharing this day with you all!                   Instagram: yoga.with.natasha 

Natasha yoga _edited.jpg
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