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I invite you to join me on a Mindfulness Day Retreat


Embark on a transformative Journey into the depths of your being.

Saturday 20th April 24'


 £120 (EARLY BIRD)

£135 full price 

 info link

Workshops | Laurie Cunningham


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Together we will start our day with a cleansing juice. This will be followed by coming together in our circle for Zen Meditation.

We then move our bodies, building energy and awareness through a mindful and embodied yoga sequence designed to support you to connect to the grace and strength of your body and to come back to the essence of your truest self.

Before lunch you will have the opportunity to get tactile and play with clay to make pinch pots. 

Enjoy a clean , freshly made , locally sourced rejuvenating lunch to nourish and sustain you. 

The afternoon will be a chance to connect as a group and stand tall in nature wandering through Ayelsbeare Common. 

Expect mindfulness techniques that support you to deeply connect to the present moment and the nature that is around you.

We finish with a deep guided relaxation session . 

Herbal teas and fruit will be available throughout the day.

Booking is essential, I am offering early bird price for 2 weeks only. 

Contact me to book your spot and for more information.

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