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with Amanda Peet.

28th February 2020
10am-3pm. £150 per person

If you want to become an EDT Practitioner or use EDT alongside any other therapy, this Level II will show you how to use the Emotional Dowsing Techniques with clients.

Level II shows you how to work with a client, using the dowsing techniques learned in Level I. These techniques are then expanded on and covered in more depth.The course will cover:Code of EthicsKeeping your client safe - Asking the questions - 

Personal Checks Pre client- During client session- Post client

The Techniques- EDT Emotions- EDT Core Beliefs- EDT Core Belief Balance- EDT Body ScanSetting up or adding to your practice- Insurance- Guidelines to sessions and charging- Using the Practitioner logo. Aftercare and Support for Practitioners. FAQ

Lunch will be provided and you will be given client worksheets to take away to use in your practice.You will need to have completed Level I, The Dowsing Programme before doing Level II.You will need to complete EDT Practitioner Training Level III before you are certified to work with clients.
Please contact Amanda directly for further details: 
07542 910676