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Active Birth Yoga and Motherhood Gatherings
Mondays 7-8.30pm in the Studio

Ongoing weekly classes - join anytime after 14th week of pregnancy. The focus is on all the many things you can do to prepare your body, mind and spirit for giving birth and becoming a mother/parent. Over the weeks and months of practice you build up muscle memory so you don’t have to think your way through labour - your body will help you remember what to do. 
The classes are positive and supportive and include active birth yoga, breathing and relaxation techniques, positions and much more. After the birth the support continues at regular Motherhood Gatherings. 
Karin Walters has many years of experience of both teaching and using these techniques. 
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Therapeutic Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Zero Balancing, Birth Trauma Recovery inc Scar Tissue, Active Birth Preparation 
Friday 1.30 - 5pm in the Practice Room 

Contact  Karin Walters


Karin has many years of experience with body work and has a particular interest in pregnancy and motherhood - check out the websites above for more info or get in touch to discuss options . 

Karin also offers treatments for Hunger Hill retreats and B&B stays.

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